Why do I see Yellow in my Diamond?

When it comes to the 4Cs and the world of Diamonds, we know the one area that creates a lot of discussion is the Colour of a Diamond. The real question remains, though, whether you should decide Colourless or Yellow.


Before we answer that question for you, we want to delve deeper on the Colour category of the 4Cs.


As mentioned in a Blog post on 4Cs, Colour ranges from D-Colour, also known as Colourless, to Z-Colour, which is commonly referred to as Pale Yellow or, rarely, Brown. However, there are stages to each Colour where the majority of times, the Colours get grouped in threes. As an example, “D,E,F” Colours, while different from one another, are grouped together for the simple fact that there is far too little of a difference between them. “G,H,I”, as another example, is another group of three with very little difference between them, and comparatively, slight difference in colour from “D,E,F”.


What does this mean to you? When you start searching for the right Diamond, your discussion will be forced around personal preference and cost of investment.


Personal Preference

While we would love to choose a Diamond for our Clients, the reality is, you would know what you want the best. In an effort to make the best decision, lighting is key. Yes, that’s right, lighting.


Depending on where you are, the type of lighting used can create a natural Yellow tint and push you away from the Diamond you are looking at. This is why you see a lot of fluorescent, white, lighting in Jewellery stores. This, alone, will help you make a better decision.


The second is the noticeability of the Yellow Tint. Yes, the “G,H,I” stage of Colours, by virtue of the scale, has a Yellow tints. However, it’s not easily seen by the naked eye and, more importantly, is quite Colourless. The categorization of Yellow tint is due to the Gemological standards used by reputable organizations like GIA, IGI and many others who appraise Diamonds.


Cost of Investment

Purchasing a Diamond is an investment as the value, in most cases, is either maintained or increased. Similar to the 3 other categories, while the value of a Diamond will be higher the closer it is to D-Colour, your investment will also increase. The question you will ask yourself is, how far are you willing to go until the Yellow is noticeable? Or, is investing in a Colourless Diamond where you want to be? There is not really an incorrect avenue.


As you can see, while the cost of your investment is an important factor, the real importance is what you are looking for. If you need some expert help, visit us over at Design by Jesse where we can educate and help you Ask Her with Confidence.