The Complexities of Gold

We have seen Gold crafted into unimaginable pieces. Whether Rings, Bracelets or Earrings, we have seen what can be created when a Goldsmith, with artistic passion, is given material to work with. Some iconic pieces, such as Lady Diana’s Sapphire Diamond Ring, or Wallis Simpson’s Panther Bracelet, are pure representations of how Gold can be shaped.

We gaze into the beauty of these pieces, but we never really focus on how certain decisions are made. Picking the Gemstones or Diamonds is one thing, but they are set on the most important component: Gold.

If you're on your journey to have a beautiful imagined piece of Jewellery made, take a moment to think about the metal itself. We've decided to give you 3 important characteristics to Gold to help you make your decision, before you meet your Goldsmith.

The purest form of Gold is named 24-Karat, or 24kt. When you find a piece made in 24kt, you’ll find that luscious yellow colour glowing. Due to lower durability and cost, most opt to purchase their Jewellery in 10kt or 14kt Gold. Generally speaking, those who purchase 24kt Gold are usually investing, or simply love it!

Strength and Durability
One of the most popular reasons as to why 10kt and 14kt Gold is purchased is because of the strength and durability the metal carries. We’re all being honest when we say we take care of our Jewellery. But every time that Setting holding your Diamond gets hit - obviously accidentally - some Gold actually wears off. 24kt Gold wears quicker.

We would love to tell you the best colour is Rose, or Yellow, or even White. The truth is, this really falls under the “personal taste” category. An artistically inclined Goldsmith will suggest the right colour when discussing your project. It really depends on the complementing Gemstones and Diamonds being placed on your piece, if any. It may be as simple as wanting a Guitar Pendant made in Yellow Gold with White Gold strings.

It may not seem like a lot, but some of the smallest differences can make your piece of Jewellery that much nicer.  Our one experience with a client gave us the motivation to this post, as after 3 different reviews of their CAD image, they finally fell in love. Detail makes every difference.

If you simply want to have a chat about these pointers with our Goldsmith or Jewellers, visit us in Lindsay where we’re ready to answer your questions. We’re located at 232 Kent Street West, between Albert and Sussex.