The 4Cs of Diamonds

4Cs Image

We can all agree when we say that investing in a Diamond can be a challenge. What are we looking for, anyway? Truly, is there a secret to investing in the right Diamond to fit the right Ring?

We're going to start by teaching you the basics. The 4Cs is the most common terminology spread in the Jewellery industry and we want to make you Masters of the Diamond. As some readers may know, the 4Cs stand for:

  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Colour
  • Carat

The Cut of a Diamond is referring to both the shape of the Diamond, as well as the precision of the Facets. Similar to Clarity, Colour and Carat, the Diamond possesses more radiance when the cut is of higher grade.

The Clarity of the Diamond simply refers to the number of Inclusions within a Diamond, which in other words, is measuring the Imperfections. The spectrum of Clarity starts at Flawless and ends at Imperfect. Within the spectrum, you will find levels such as SI-2, VS-1, or VVS-2. It is important to note, though, that the Carat of a Diamond should be considered prior to choosing the Clarity. The main reason behind this is because the smaller the Diamond is, the less visible Inclusions are. Why spend more on Clarity when no one will even see it?

The Colour of the Diamond centres itself around personal preference. Unless your heart is set on a D-Colour Diamond, it is strongly advised to explore different options. The colour difference between a D-Colour Diamond and a H-Colour Diamond is very minimal. To some, it can be very noticeable, while to others it can be ignored by the naked eye. Further, the Colour scale is grouped in threes. What this means is, "D,E,F" "G,H,I" and the rest of the groups vary in Colour almost seamlessly. Think wisely with this one!

Finally, the one that creates many conversations. The Carat of a Diamond also surrounds itself by personal preference. When considering the Carat, you're looking at both the Weight and Size of the Diamond. The larger the Diamond, the more the Inclusions are visible, the more the Colour and Clarity also get noticed.

What does this mean for you? It's a sliding scale of 4 variables to give you the perfect Diamond. Not only that, those sliders, once moved around, can increase the cost of your investment.

At Design by Jesse, we pride ourselves in helping our Clients make the right decision with a Diamond. If you want to learn more outside of this Article, feel free to Schedule an Appointment with our Goldsmith at our Lindsay location. We are also happy to facilitate an Online Appointment by Contacting Us.