Custom Designs and What You Need to Know

It’s amazing to see how often we have clients visit our store looking at our Jewellery, not as a piece to purchase, rather as inspiration. We continue to try and understand what the reason could be to having more Custom Designed Jewellery crafted, as opposed to the options available in our store.

And then it clicked.

Who wouldn’t want a Custom Designed piece, Hand Crafted by a Goldsmith with artistic vision, unique to you, at a better price than what you would expect to pay, with much more value?

Seems easy, right?

There are a few points that you should be aware of when having a Custom Jewellery Designed by your Goldsmith. Depending on the work you are having done, there are some minor details that really need to be drawn out, otherwise specifics may be missed. Here are 3 main components for you to consider.

One of the biggest challenges a Goldsmith may face is being able to provide their client with something they can hold in their hand, before everything is all done. Visiting your Goldsmith means you entrust them with their vision and direction, while being given guidance by you. To avoid any potential breakdowns in communication, or details being missed, ask your Goldsmith to document all the details of the project. This will be the reference guide you can hold on to in an effort to ensure accuracy.

An experienced, well tenured Goldsmith will be able to project timelines on any given project. While they have a bunch of specifics to line up during the production of your piece, what you need to know is when to expect what they are promising you. Did your Goldsmith give you a timeline for your CAD Review? Will the Goldsmith be showing you the piece pre-finished? If there’s something you are curious about, just ask your Goldsmith so they can guide you in a confident direction.

Certain circumstances may also offer delays. While you are depending on your Goldsmith to meet the provided timelines, the next point may hinder a few things.

Yes! This is so important. Remember, a good Goldsmith will do everything to meet your expectations. A great Goldsmith will question you to ensure you are confident with your decisions. You will be wearing this piece for the rest of your life and investing your money to have this done. Goldsmiths will instill their vision, but depend on your final “yes” to ensure the piece results in what you imagined. Think through the details, but if you are having a bit of a challenge, your Goldsmith is still there for you to depend on.

Now that you’re equipped with a few extra points, we hope your journey in having a piece created will be a bit simpler. If you’re curious to learn more, send us message by CLICKING HERE, or visit our store at 7 - 232 Kent Street West, Lindsay, ON. Our Goldsmith Jesse is equipped with experience, vision and all the right tools to turn your imagination into a reality.